Sugar causes a fatty liver

Coca Cola and other sweetened drinks and juices, contribute to the creation of so-called fatty liver. That we knew before, but now Danish researchers have made a survey in which they published a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

One liter of sweetened drinks a day for a period of six months leading up to twice the amount of fat in the liver and abdomen, according to a Danish study, which involved 47 people. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists noted that people who drank sweetened beverages are thicker than others, but dramatically increased the accumulation of fat in their liver, which can lead to diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. 

So, not only the thickness of a measure of how healthy we are. Skinny people who eat sugar may seem apparently healthy because they are slim, but in fact their liver may be in worse shape than full of thick people.

A very large percentage of the population has a fatty liver which is caused by alcohol - NAFLD (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). It has long been known in scientific circles that sugar causes fatty liver, and fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity, leading to metabolic syndrome[1], developing diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and God knows what else. Why do medical authorities to patients suffering from these diseases is still advise reducing intake of fat, although it is known that the fat in food has nothing to do with the development of these diseases?

Despite numerous studies (more info in the next post) showing that the ketogenic diet or a diet with low carb is good for body, brain and internal organs - still continuing propaganda against the natural fat. Meals based on cheap sugar, starches and hydrogenated vegetable oils and chemicals of all kinds in all the ways imposed as well. Who benefits from this kind of disinformation? Food industry has been the biggest profit just on cheap carbohydrates, and the pharmaceutical industry has been the biggest profit on drugs to cover up the symptoms caused by unnatural eating cheap carbs. Coincidence or obvious link?

To end an interesting fact related to fatty liver: did you know how to get goose pate? To obtain as large and oily liver, which is the main ingredient of this supreme delicacy, geese are fattened before slaughter with grains - carbohydrates.

[1] - Metabolic syndrome represents a group of metabolic disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes These disorders have elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and / or insulin resistance, abnormalities levels fats in blood (elevated triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol) and abdominal obesity (accumulation of fat in the abdomen).

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 

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Food Additives

Industrial production and packaging of food resulted in the use of all kinds of chemical additives in food are placed for various reasons, conservation, intensification of taste, color amplification, sweetening, etc.

What concerns us is why is the food put far more toxic substances that should not come into contact with our bodies, let alone become a part of our daily diet.
According to the research made in the UK over 80% of the population consumes food that comes from the supermarket. This statistic has increased by 20% since 1950. year. In parallel with this way of eating have emerged and increased diseases such as various types of tumors and cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression and asthma and many types of allergies, which many researchers believe that these diseases are caused by the reduction of fresh foods and artificial additives increase .

In Australia, there is no law stating that the package should be written every additive that is put into food, Australia has over 350 permitted artificial food additives, some of which is 50 found to have negative effects on health. According to scientific calculations, each person in the western world eats 5 pounds of these same artificial additives per year, how many of us really knows which of these dangerous chemicals is due to our bodies?

Such artificial additions to our food labeled name and number.
The names and numbers are identical throughout the world, while in some countries such as the European Union, E is placed before the number. For example Mono sodium glutamate (MSG) is notorious in Australia for 621, while in the UK E621.

   E List of additives can be viewed here.

Preservatives are added to supposedly prevented the collapse of food contamination by bacteria. One of the most famous examples is the E282, this substance is usually added to bread and bread products. Despite what the manufacturers would have us believe, this additive does not maintain our fresh bread, but is in fact the creator of the mold. Reactions to this substance are very well researched E282 produces: migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and unexplained fatigue and the appearance of a lack of energy.

Flavorings and colors seem to have even less use of preservatives. These additives are put into the food with the intent to otherwise colorless, and tasteless industrial food transform into something that we will be more like it. These amplifiers also include means for coagulating and curing will watery industrial products into a solid mass that will help us work more enjoyable.

At least 60 of these additives are known to produce asthma and it is recommended that you do not consume the children still not tested the effects on children's development and health.

MSG ( Mono sodium glutamate) is one of the most common Chinese food supplements so that the public created the name "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" because of reaction to food that comes packaged the same, but it does not happen only in that type of food, but MSG is added to all products, frozen, packaged foods in cans, and sauces. MSG is an amino acid that creates many health problems: bloating, numbness, heaviness. MSG is used in most well-known chain stores and fast food is an integral part of each menu. If the packet of your food find "citric acid" rest assured that it's something like MSG in, not the acid made from lemons. This acid is produced from corn and is not pure, but we added MSG.

   Why MSG is dangerous for us?

In the early fifties of the last century, the MSG is trying a variety of mammals, we found that MSG damages the brain tissue and the inner layers of the retina to the eye is that MSG kills them. It was also discovered that certain cells of the brain damage and damage parts of the hypothalamus. If we compare these findings with the findings of people Please keep in mind that people are 5-6 times more sensitive to MSG than laboratory mice. At one point, the scientists found, as MSG causes obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome X in mice (ventricular lesions of the medial nucleus of the hypothalamus - VMH)

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). These compounds are used as preservatives are found in butter, meat, chewing gum, snack foods, dehydrated potatoes, even in beers. These additives approved by the FDA stating that they are safe for human consumption.

   How BHA and BHT damaged us?

It was confirmed that both the two compounds carcinogenic, there is also evidence that some people have a problem with metabolizing BHA and can result in behavioral changes. Studies have revealed that these compounds alter the storage and preparation of food and it was unstable but the body can not easily discard.

Olestra is a synthetic fat, put the chips and other snacks.

   How Olestra damaged us?

It has been shown that Olestra binds to vitamins that are soluble in fat, such as vitamin A, E, D and K, which maintain our body healthy and strengthen our immune system and prevent the occurrence of cancer - tying Olestre for these vitamins they eliminated from the body and so have their reduction and the lack of these vitamins as many Olestre consume. It also creates indigestion and upset the digestive tract.

Propyl gallate a compound used as a preservative and also can cause cancer. Used to supplement vegetable oils and meat products, potato sticks, chicken soups, chewing gum and is often used with BHA and BHT.

Potassioum bromate (KBrO3) the oxidizing agent, which is generally added to bread and cakes.

   Why is Potassium bromate is harmful?

This combination has proven to produce cancer in laboratory mice and acts as a neuro-toxin in humans if taken orally. It was confirmed that potassium bormat mezotelime causes tumors and follicular tumors tiroidnoj gland. In addition to all this, experiments have shown that potassium bromate is fully cancerous, and that serves as the initiator of kidney cancer in mice.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, and is currently adding at least 9000 products that we eat or drink. Although such a widespread, Aspartame is not at all good for human consumption!

   How Aspartame damaged us?

Aspartame (aspartylphenylalanine-methyl-ester) cause toxic changes and generates formaldehyde in the body which is connected with migraines, stroke, vision loss, symptoms that resemble Lupus, produces Parkinson's disease, multiple-skreloses and other devastating diseases.

Despite the fact that Aspartame is a life-threatening poison, it creates an increased body mass and creates a reliance on sugar and sweeteners. In a study that is made to 80,000 American women, which is made by the American Association for Cancer Research, showed that those who use "diet" sweetener actually gaining more weight than women who used the natural sugars. Aspartame was Monsanto's deadly sweetener and should not be consumed at all! 

   Different colors for food: BlueRedGreen, and Yellow

Studies on animals have shown that these food additives cause cancer in laboratory animals. There are six official colors for the food: Blue: 1, 2 and 3, Green 3, Red 3, Yellow 6.

Red 1 creates certain neural disorders such as: AHD, ODD and OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. Red 3 is used as an adjunct cherry (or fruit cocktail) cookies and candy causes cancer, thyroid gland in laboratory mice, and they also can cause in humans. Blue 1, which is used in foods and drinks can also cause cancer.

Artificial colors and flavors are made from coal tar and petro-chemicals, who wanted to eat? In addition to this, artificial colors and flavors increase hyperactivity in many children.

Acesulfame-K is the latest sweetener used in fizzy drinks, cakes and sweets, it is FDA approved 1998.

   How Acesulfame damaged us?

Laboratory studies have shown that this sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar, can cause cancer in mice. This sweetener also should be avoided until you make a new research.

Here are a few marks on the packages of food that will help you identify what to avoid:


102, 104, 107, 110, 122-124, 127-129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 155, 160b


620–625, 627, 631, 635

Artificial sweeteners:


Note: this text we have just touched on only one part of the poisons that are put into our food, let's say that this is only  tip of the iceberg of toxins that our food industry is served daily!!!

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