Meat and its harmfulness

   Why no meat?

Everything around us has its own vibration and that kind of food we take depends on the functioning of our body, our spiritual, mental and medical health, our thoughts, moods, feelings and behavior. Foods that contribute to our mood and happiness, positive thoughts, dynamism and enthusiasm of life and the inner and outer peace is the food of vegetable origin rich in vitamins and minerals, then, whole grains, rich in Carbohydrates, nuts and seeds. Foods that contain too much protein and fat, especially animal origin, which are chiefly found in meat and fish, affect the slowness, sluggishness and laziness of the body, because the very process of digestion and assimilation slower. Excessive intake of these nutrients can cause nervousness, aggression, depression and anxiety, especially if you consume meat that is organic origin.

The human body is not suited for processing by the system (fork), or by the digestive system (stomach and intestines) or eating less meat. After taking the meat and meat products in the large intestine to create a toxic bacteria that are the human body. People who eat mainly meat and meat products are aggressive, fast plan, flushed when they fight, are intolerant and suffer from many physiological disorders.

The reason for this behavior is the excessive amount of adrenaline that is infused with the meat, because at the time of slaughter animals experiencing stress and adrenaline that is created on this occasion due to the fear remains in the meat. Modern humanity, a way of life in the eternal rush for material wealth, but is exposed to stressful situations, anxiety and fear for their own maintenance, so that extra adrenaline that brings meat only exacerbates the existing situation. In addition, once the slaughter of animals coming to the decomposition of proteins that cause putrefaction of meat and meat takes grayish green color. Because the meat is colored artificial substances (nitrites and nitrates) and the older to the more chemicals need to get a fresh, reddish, "natural" color.

Also, during the fattening feed added hormones for faster maturing and the process continues in the flesh. Consumption of such meat (especially beef) Children's body too quickly physiologically mature, which leads to premature puberty, which was not accompanied by parallel psychological development. In addition, hormones are given to livestock to stop the sexual instincts of early influence on the occurrence of sterility in young people.

This means that the meat is cultivated in today's modern farms is worthless biological, pathological meat, which is toxic and very harmful to the human body. By its very constitution of man is the biological herbivore or he who eats the fruits and anything containing meat can be offset by proper selection and combination of foods. For example, in content and quality of soy protein (43% protein) was much better and more acceptable to the human body foodstuff. Whole wheat and grains in general, are rich in protein and carbohydrates and many are nutritious meat. In addition, they bind all the toxins and purify the intestines and relieve the body of toxins, and grease and refreshes worn-out joints.

Vegetarian food is high in fiber necessary for the regular release of the body of waste matter, which does not contain meat, so a very long time in the body of a man (five days). Period welding vegetarian food is much faster and easier, because the organism does not require additional energy, which remains for regeneration, physical and mental activities.

If you can not without the meat. then you should not eat meat more than once a week and preferably is of organic origin. Do not be taken pork, which are proven to have exactly the same tissue as the human flesh. The least harmful to the human body is a lamb meat (due to a mild vibration that has a lamb), horse and turkey meat. The meat must be eaten with fresh onions, which binds toxins and helps the body does not pollute too much meat intake.

When preparing meat is recommended that you meat is allowed to age in sour milk two to three days and it ferments, and after that no oil and any extras fry in covered container at about 60 ° C. For feeding small children, the meat should be blended.

PROTEIN STRUCTURE wateriness very similar to that in Humans: meat, because the digestion of the permanent intestinal defense system does not recognize as a foreign body and easily passes through the intestinal walls into the lymph and blood, together with the protein products of putrefaction and toxins (poisons). It happens faster and easier than any other animal or vegetable protein.
 * PORK Holds one protein which on the basis of its structure has a very high rate of decay (rot). Very quickly into putridity. Thus, the resulting decay significantly burden the intestines, lymph, blood, liver and all other organs of elimination and disposal  of toxins and waste. Because of fat, cholesterol and its specific structural proteins, pork is the biggest instigator of atherosclerosis.
Pig meat is high in fat that are found in all cells and not only in the so-called fat cells like a lamb or beef.
* The high content of cholesterol, the highest in the pork. Cholesterol in the human body has different tasks, such as building cell membrane and the transfer of fat but it is too, too!
 * Connective tissue are particularly adversely affected by eating pork. Connective tissue has the task of the organism as a whole hangs together. The water in the connective tissue holds the joint of small molecules that usually contain sulfur. The more compounds in connective tissue, the more it collects water and tissue more swollen. Because muscle has a high percentage of sulfur, using pork in a large part of these sulfur compounds deposited in the connective tissue (tendons and cartilage). This connective tissue is like a sponge filled with water and with regular use of pork literally swelling.

* Mucous substance of pork are deposited in the veins, tendons and cartilage of the system to move. Using pork, this substance of the connective tissues become somewhat slimy, soft and less resistant. The consequence is that the vessels more easily stretched, the tendon can not withstand the load of a degenerate cartilage (depleted). This leads to the typical ailments as rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, cartilage damage to joints ...
* Growth hormone in large quantities in pork and who does not act solely on increased growth of young people reach puberty, but is active in adults, promotes inflammation, proliferation, etc. Since it stimulates all the processes of growth, and encourages the growth of cancer cells. Congestion of the connective tissue involved undisputed as the cause of the cancer, a rise in hormone accelerates its development.
* Histamine is the pork found in high concentrations. Its concentration is highest in comparison with other animals for slaughter. Histamine in turn strongest challenger allergic reaction at all. The body that is nourished by pork meat due to high amounts of histamine less resistant to stress and is therefore prone to stomach ulcers, cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks. Pork of histamine and stimulates skin allergies as urticarija, neurodermatitis and hay fever.
Toxins from pork to disrupt the work of the nervous system and therefore other functions of the organism.
 Pork is the largest lymphatic burden that the test can cover. Pork burden on the lymphatic system has 4 (four) weeks after eating. Pigs from the mass rearing of the greatest amount of adrenaline and secrete it directly into the blood and the eating of blood have disastrous consequences for those who do so.
 At this writing, used books, PhD Joseph Antolović and signed by Dr. Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Prize) and Prof. I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize) as well as many other scientists.

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