Paleo Movement reached a fateful "phase 3"

First they ignore you.

Then they laugh you.

Then fight against you.

Then you win!

                               Mahatma Gandhi 

Paleo / Low Carb / LCHF movement slowly developed in secret for years of Phase 1 (First they ignore you) and then spent a year in phase 2 (Then they laugh) when he ridiculed as a "cave man diet". To order now, after years of exponential growth, the movement finally reached stage 3 (Then fight you).

Why would someone struggling against one's diet? As far as who we do not want to eat grains and soybeans? The answer is very simple: The game is big money, is Profit. There is a big reason why the food industry is huge and profitable. Therefore, as grains and soy products are cheap and made from soybean and canola are very expensive. Giant Food producers purchasing crop for small farmers' money and selling the finished products we consumers stamping on vast steam. Food industry has on its side powerful patrons such as the media and the state. The media live from expensive advertising paid by the industry and the state of the industry harvested huge amount of money in the form of taxes.

State of the food industry is so worth it to subsidize farmers, supposedly as generously to help farmers, but it actually benefits the industry paying the funny small sums for the purchase of grain. But the low purchase price of grain does not mean profits for farmers or cheap food in stores, but quite the reverse. In the end, all we pay heavily to consumers and industry and state and pockets full of cash. Everything is connected, with one purpose in mind - profit.

In the USA earnings on bread products made from corn and soybeans is between 2700% and 6400%, while the yield on the bacon from pork is 400%. This looks like a lot until you compare with earnings of wheat, which is counted in thousands%. Besides cereal products have a long shelf life while the meat must be stored, packed and sold at the pumps and has a much shorter shelf life. It is clear that it is far more profitable to sell products made from grain rather than meat, eggs and vegetables. In this way, the industry remains a large surplus that can be spent on advertising which persuades and convinces us that we have to buy their products. Now becomes clear why whole grains are so aggressively promote as a "base of a healthy diet," "heart healthy" and so on by government departments and all types of media ...

When instead we buy meat grazing animals and eggs directly from growers, it bypasses the whole monumental profitable system of industrial agriculture, transport of grain, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, processors, inspectors, manufacturers, suppliers and advertisers, all of which make their money in a clever way of transforming cheap grains in expensive goods packed in colorful cartons and bags that resemble food.

The conclusion is that we are radical. Of course, simply eating Paleo / Low Carb / LCHF present enemies of the establishment and that is why we are being treated as a radical. This is not conspiracy theory. Avoid any food crop and choosing local meat, fish, eggs and vegetables from local production, we have created some very powerful enemies.

 * Medical and nutritional establishment hates us because it reveals the fact that for decades, and wrong to kill people with his guilty dietary advice.
 * Agricultural business and industrial converters of food do they hate us because they endanger their job because they do not buy highly profitable products from cereals and soybeans.
 * The pharmaceutical industry hates us, because eating natural food ensures good health and ceases to be regular consumers of chemical cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure, sugar, etc ...
 * The media hates us because they make huge money from advertising these same products that we refuse to buy.
 * Civil service do they hate us because they are the implementing arm of the agricultural business, industrial food processors and the media - and because of their support for creating mountains of surplus grain, which somehow must be consumed.

Of course, let us then not surprising that countries that consume huge amount of money to subsidize the product of corn, soybeans and wheat, without prejudice to the dietary guidelines that we recommend these products just as necessary for good health ...

The positive thing is that we are in phase 3 (Then fight you) is the only step to the last phase (and then you win)...

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Sensitivity to gluten from grains


 Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance

This autoimmune disease has no clinical name and ignored in medicine, although present in very large numbers of people. Doctors do not recognize the sensitivity to gluten or gluten intolerance if not diagnosed celiac disease, the severest form of sensitivity to gluten.

In celiac disease or gluten allergy tests will show antibodies to gluten or damage to the intestinal mucosa and villi. If this search does not show, not to diagnose celiac disease or gluten allergies because doctors diagnosed something that should have laboratory evidence. Although unrecognized medical non celiac sensitivity to gluten or gluten intolerance is the cause of many chronic diseases affect a large number of people.

There is a whole spectrum of gluten sensitivity to weight and even the mildest form causes chronic symptoms of sensitivity, which unfortunately usually never diagnosed. The most common gastrointestinal symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, gastritis, cramps, etc. These symptoms are common with many other diseases and is rarely attributed to sensitivity to gluten. But even when patients with chronic digestive disorders can not find the cause, is rarely suspected sensitivity to gluten. Even diagnosed diseases of the digestive system as it were IBS (irritable bowel) and Crohn's disease may have a component of sensitivity to gluten and / or be diagnosed with celiac disease is completely wrong!

But then you talk about anything and whether there is evidence of sensitivity to gluten - non celiac gluten intolerance? Evidence actually has a lot more than we believed. This is what scientific research shows.

Gluten Reactions: Ten Times the Celiac Problem "Many children with gastrointestinal and allergic conditions have high levels of IgG antibodies to Gliadin. These results have largely been ignored. But when children are placed on gluten-free diet, most children were better - it turned out that they were sensitive to gluten. High levels of antibodies on Gliadin can identify these children. Sensitivity to gluten is ten times more prevalent than celiac disease. " So in the above study, when the researchers took into account the improvement of health conditions as a result of research rather than diagnostic markers, came to the conclusion that sensitivity to gluten non celiac ten times more often than celiac disease! And since that is the approximate number of people with celiac disease in a population of 1 in 100 or 1 in every 200, meaning that the number of people with gluten sensitivity non celiac 1 in 10 or 1 in every 20 people! This is a huge number of people with chronic medical conditions that doctors will not confirm a situation that would be dramatically improved by simply changing the diet and the avoidance of a substance - gluten.

From the Neolithic Revolution to Gluten Intolerance: Benefits and Problems Associated with the Cultivation of Wheat  This study confirms the theory of 1 to 10 sensitive to gluten so you've found that 1 in 10 people have genes for celiac disease. While most believe that those who have the gene for the disease and also suffer from the disease, the genes actually give only a predisposition to the disease. Whether the genes for a disease very much depends on lifestyle and what is presented. And this is why even if we have a gene for celiac disease, we will develop the disease or know that we have such a gene if we grew up on a diet without grains or grains with a small share.

Gluten sensitivity masquerading as systematic lupus erythematosus This study found that a large number of people diagnosed with lupus should actually be non celiac diagnosed with gluten intolerance. And there's a lot of research (at the end of fasting) and many other aspects of sensitivity to gluten that is stunning that this problem of health so neglected and unrecognized!

How and why gluten causes health problems? In short, gluten has an inflammatory effect (causes inflammation). There are foods that are inflammatory (induce inflammation) and foods that are anti-inflammatory (inhibit inflammatory processes). Example inflammatory ingredients that act as anti-inflammatory, eg oily fish because of its rich content of omega-3 fatty acid, turmeric, garlic, ginger. However, foods such as gluten from grains and polyunsaturated fatty acids from vegetable oils and margarine are highly inflammatory and cause inflammation in the body. And that inflammatory processes are the major cause of most diseases. Gluten activates the immune system, and whenever the trigger the immune system leads to inflammation.

Gluten is a protein present in grains such as wheat, rye, pir, barley, bulgur, semolina, couscous, durum wheat and graham flour. Gluten intolerance or sensitivity to gluten mean we can not digest gluten protein part. This undigested portion produces deposits on the walls of the intestine that the body recognizes as foreign body and sends the immune system in that area to "kill" foreign invader. This means that the immune system creates antibodies to the protein gluten, which sensitize body so that next time when gluten comes into the digestive system, the body still recognizes it as foreign and attack the body immune system is activated every time you eat gluten, which is 3-6 times a day if you feed a "normal", meaning if we diet based on cereals. The immune response of the body raises a number of linked chain reaction in the body and causes disruption not only in the digestive tract but also throughout the body. Therefore, a sensitivity to gluten is always associated with other chronic diseases.

For those people who are sensitive to gluten, it is that they are simply better tolerate gluten, or simply eat less and less frequently which causes fewer problems. However, it is considered that gluten is always with all cause some degree of immune system activation and thus inflammation. That is why so many people feel much better when the diet LCHF (low care/high fet) throw gluten (grains) from the diet, and feel bad when you reintroduce the food.

The best way to discover whether you are sensitive to gluten that is, if you have non celiac gluten intolerance, is to try a gluten free diet that is ejected from eating wheat, rye, barley, oats and PIR / spelled or to try LCHF where all grains arethrow into 2 - 3 months and then list how you feel. If your symptoms disappeared means that you are sensitive to gluten. If you are not missing means that either you have not been strict with the diet (to take account of hidden gluten, which is located in a large number of retail food) or it means that you are sensitive to gluten.

   * Between celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome: the "no man's land" of gluten sensitivity
   * Intestinal antibody pattern of celiac disease: occurrence in patients with normal jejunal biopsy histology
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   * Gluten challenge in borderline gluten-sensitive enteropathy
   * Reliance on serum endomysial antibody testing underestimates the true prevalence of coeliac disease by one fifth
   * Diagnosis of Gluten-sensitive Enteropathy
   * Gluten sensitivity: a many headed hydra: Heightened responsiveness to gluten is not confined to the gut

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Escherichia coli and the Codex Alimentarius

"Who controls the food, controls the people"

E. coli plays an important role in modern biological engineering. Researchers often use bacteria as "factories" to produce large amounts of DNA and / or protein. One of the first major application of recombinant DNA technology was just genetic manipulation of E. coli to produce insulin in patients with diabetes.

Some studies show that nutrition of livestock (which evolved eating grass), corn can result in E. coli bacteria that are resistant to acid. So the cattle were fed corn E. coli bacteria can evolve, and in a documentary claiming that the E. Coli that way and evolved, and so the world should be a new type of E. coli 0157 H7. It was E-coli 0157 H7 is responsible for more than a dozen deaths in Germany. But the manner of feeding cattle and E coli 0157-H7, the media is not talking.

"Codex Alimentarius in its literal translation from Latin, means" food law ". It includes a number of general standards and specific standards for food safety (Codex Standards) aimed at protecting consumer health and ensuring fair practices in food trade. Food placed on the local market or export must be safe and good quality. Also, the food must not transmit organisms that cause disease of animals or plants. "

It is possible that we will in the near future, we hear the minister of health, agriculture, prime ministers, from countries where the virus spreads to say: That the Food Law (Codex Alimentarius) was adopted years ago, to this outbreak would not have occurred, which would have saved many lives . Food Act shall take hold fully, how such a tragedy will never again be repeated.

And what to say, various radiation, GMOs, welcome!

As stated at the beginning of an interesting article:

... Imagine a world without vitamins and minerals. Worldwide, in which the production and sale of natural drugs offense. Shops full of genetically modified products without label GMOs. Cows, which must be treated with genetically engineered growth hormones with antibiotics. Food, which it would have become due on store shelves, it must be subjected to radiation.

Do you think that this is the scenario of another sci-fi film? You are wrong!
This is - the possible near future!

... Imagine a world in which people seeking a healthy diet, called the sick ...

Hail to feed in the near future it might become impossible. Codex, and its creators go so far, that those who intend to avoid GMO foods undergoing radiation and those who will seek a healthy lifestyle, will simply call the sick, people who suffer from Orthorexie. Orthorexia, or "healthy eating disease" is a new disease in the industry of psychiatry. However, if you focus to eat healthily, according to the latest research in psychiatry, you are mentally ill person.

According to the Guardian, "" Focusing on healthy food can be a sign of serious mental illness ", which is called orthorexia nervosa, which translated from Latin means" the agitation for proper nutrition. "

 She wrote further: "Orthorexie persons have strict rules of diet. They will not touch the sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, gluten. - And this is just the beginning of their child. Also avoid any foods containing pesticides, herbicides and any artificial additives. "Be careful. So, avoid sugar, additives, GMO products and now you into a mentally ill person? According to the experts - you. If you are really careful not to consume pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified food, with you, something is wrong!

The pharmaceutical industry earns an annual trillion dollars on sick people and do not want to lose your profit. The disease brings money.
A healthy diet boosts mental and spiritual faculties of man. Such a person is difficult to manipulate. MSG, aspartame, yeast extract and other additives literally numb. People who constantly feed junk food, very obedient and doing it, what they are told. Usually they are happy to accept it, what you see on TV, and never ask questions about what is really happening in the world.

In contrast, fresh, organically grown food, is powerful and has medicinal properties. Healthy food and generally healthy lifestyle, gradually invokes a mental and spiritual faculties of man. Over time, people who consume such foods, they begin to ask questions and think about the world around them. They are interested in nature, ethics, ecology, philosophy, spirituality ...

Codex Alimentarius Commission is an organization, founded 40-odd years by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) under the auspices of the UN. Codex was established with the purpose of good consumer protection and food safety control. Unfortunately, over time the organization has fallen under the influence of large pharmaceutical and agricultural corporations and producers of genetically modified foods. Instead, it protects the interests of consumers, Codex Alimentarius today represents the interests of huge corporations.

Codex is Alimentrius Health Commission, rather than commissions to trade. Priority Codex is the realization of interests multi-companies for the production of food and medicines, and not the welfare and health consumers.

The rules, which impose elaborate Codex with the aim to ensure that the huge profits of corporations that produce food, and for companies engaged in genetic engineering. These rules represent an enormous danger to the health of every person on this planet.

This, they propose is absurd. Natural supplements, alternative medicines, vitamins and minerals will become illegal, while the toxic chemicals used as food supplements and additives. Most food will be subjected to radiation, and genetically modified products will not be allowed to put a label GMOs.

Here are some of the criteria imposed by the Codex:

~ introduction of genetically modified products on a global level
~ GMO campaign led by the United States and Canada, and Europe will have to give in under pressure from their
~ will be allowed to seed "terminator" sold on the international level
~ coming new genetically modified animal products
~ Genetically modified products do not have to be marked on the label GMO

   Ecological farming:

~ reduction in the standard ecological cultivation
~ support the huge agricultural corporations with "feasible" production
~ introduction of various additives and synthetic methods
~ processing in the eco-manufacture
~ under the law of eco-farmers now must submit their products to radiation
~ the eco-label products may not be listed ingredients of non-organic origin


~ more than 300 different additives (mostly synthetic) have been approved as safe. "Among them are aspartame, BHA, BHT, potassium bromate, tartrazine, etc.
~ not taken into account the potential risk of long-term use of foods with these additives

   Percentage of pesticide residues in food:

~ allow a high level of more than 3.275 kinds of pesticides in food, including these, which are known to be carcinogenic or disturb the work of the endocrine system, for example, 2.4-D, atrazine, methyl bromide
~ not taken into account the risk to health due to long-term use of foods with pesticides

   Food and Nutritional Supplements

~ minimum daily dose of vitamins and minerals has been lowered by 75%
~ set a sharp line between foods and medicines. Nutrients will now fall under the category of drugs
~ supplements will have to undergo clinical trials, which is too expensive for most manufacturers. This gives the green light to large corporations and destroying small manufacturers.
~ lowering the minimum daily dose of nutrients will have a serious negative impact on the health of humanity

All countries, entering into the World Trade Organization, will eventually be forced to accept the Codex Alimentarius guidelines, otherwise it will not be able to export.

Some warn that the ultimate goal of Codex:
~ treatment of all animals with antibiotics and hormones
~ 100% genetically modified crops

~ food, subjected to radiation
~ ejection from the market eco-products and natural remedies
~ All nutrients (eg vitamins and minerals) must be considered toxins / poison, and be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to "prevent, cure any condition or disease."
~ population reduction

"Who controls the food, controls the people," Codex Alimentarius (Food Law) is the perfect tool to take complete control over the food, or people. In as much as you seem such a thing is impossible, just look at America in which the Codex in effect ruled by corporations.

The most represented country behind the agenda of the Codex Alimentarius, the United States, whose primary objective is to act on behalf of the interests of large multinational pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical and related corporations. In one of the meetings in Geneva, Switzerland (June 30-July 4, 2008), the U.S. became the president of the Codex Alimentarius, and plans to undermine the freedom of health and continue to spread misinformation and lies about nutrients and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and fulfills its implicit plan for population control. One of the reasons why the U.S. continues to dominate Codex Alimentarius is because other countries mistakenly believe they have the latest and greatest technology, food safety, therefore, no matter what the U.S. seeks its allies (Croatia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan , Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and the European Union), always followed.

The aim is to use the Codex all natural wealth into the hands of corporations. Codex Alimentarius is a tool for the world, the people rule corporation. It is high time to wake up!

   What is the solution and what can be done?

Spread this news. Tell all your friends, acquaintances, school mates, colleagues, family and just to everyone you know. Write blogs, send emails, talk about it. Time is short, but it was too late. 1994th years have attempted to introduce the Codex in the U.S., but people saw what was going on and widely reported in the local politicians, congressmen. Retail chains has become clear that it will fail if the Codex is introduced, and are themselves lobbied to prevent its introduction. And together they have achieved that at the end of Codex has not been introduced.

    What if the Codex really bring?

In this case, you do highly recommend that you eat as much as possible home grown and processed foods. And something very important. Keep the seeds! The introduction of the Codex will be difficult or almost impossible to buy genetically Untreated seeds. Therefore, they must save at home. If you can, increase your garden and try to make as large stocks of food for winter, to over the winter to eat more healthy foods. Be careful what you buy. The most common products are advertised and most major manufacturers actually the worst for health.

When politicians, whether domestic or foreign, miscellaneous authorities argue, argue that something is good for the people, the whole world, the truth is always contrary to their claims!


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