Cholesterol - friend or foe?

I already wrote several times about cholesterol, but easy to me so much agony that I had to re-"print". Do not clear to me that all this science and modern technology able to remain blind to not see how the campaign against fat and cholesterol illogical and totally unfounded.

Cholesterol is a molecule similar to the fatty acid molecule, which is so important substance for normal functioning of the organism, all cells in our body have their own ability to produce cholesterol. The need for cholesterol is extremely high and if the cells can not produce enough time in the production of cholesterol helps the liver. In our body can produce 3-5 times more cholesterol than you enter it with food! If the food contains little cholesterol - increases its own production. We eat a lot of cholesterol - production in the cells decreases. The body needs cholesterol for a variety of functions and products it just as much as he needs.

Cholesterol among other things builds and stabilizes cell membranes, ie membranes that protect the cells in our body. Cholesterol is a major component of bile needed for digestion of fats and fat soluble vitamins. Cholesterol is a stage required for the production of hormones, eg cortisone, vitamin D (which is actually a hormone!) And all three sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Moreover, the cholesterol is used for repairing damaged cells in the body, the construction of nerve fibers and pulses, and for strengthening the immune (defense) system of the organism.

Cholesterol human brain can not function. Chemical processes that produce nerve impulses need constant local production of cholesterol molecules. Therefore, it is just the brain organ that contains the highest amount of these important molecules. Cholesterol is required for normal function of the serotonin receptor (the substance that makes us feel good) in the brain and low amounts of cholesterol linked to aggression and violent behavior, depression and disorders autodestructiveness.

Furthermore, cholesterol participates in the repair of damaged cells in the body, clean and neutralize toxins that occur from a variety of inflammatory processes in the body. Cholesterol is also important to maintain healthy intestinal wall and diet with low amounts of cholesterol (eg vegan diets) can lead to intestinal wall permeability and other intestinal problems.

Cholesterol is no life. For example, an egg, which is the beginning of life, the foods richest in cholesterol. It takes in fact much cholesterol in order to create a warm-blooded living being. Breast milk is particularly rich in cholesterol and enzymes that help the child to better utilize this nutritional substance. Newborns and infants in particular have cholesterol-rich foods in order to have a normal development of the brain, nervous system and many other functions in the body.

Cholesterol as saturated fat and unjustly accused of dangerous for cardiovascular disease, so consult a small intake of food rich in cholesterol (meat and eggs) and a lower intake of saturated fat altogether. However, for this there is no scientific evidence. Numerous modern studies have proved the opposite, and studying the dead person has shown that people with low cholesterol had a stuffy Vessel same extent as those with high cholesterol.

At least 30 scientific studies carried out on more than 300 000 participants showed that patients who have had heart attacks did not take anything more saturated fat in the diet than healthy individuals in control groups. At least 10 studies have shown that patients who have had a stroke even eating less saturated fat than healthy subjects in control groups. In addition, studies performed on dead people have shown that people who ate minimal amounts of saturated fats had obstruction or calcification Vessel same extent as those who spend a lot of saturated fat. No controlled clinical experiment failed to reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease, so that only reduce saturated fat intake among patients.

Cholesterol is a natural substance our body regulates its own rate of production of cholesterol to an optimum level, where food intake is only a small part of the necessary quantities of these substances. Therefore, the attempt to intervene outside the amount of cholesterol in the blood of non-biological and quite natural, scientifically illogical. Unfortunately, statins (drugs used to lower cholesterol in the blood) are sold and the sick and healthy, although there is no evidence that lowering cholesterol in the blood brings better health. Even less is evidence of potential benefits of this drug in relation to the side effects it causes.

The most common side effects are muscle aches and weakness, but there are worse, such as statins that can
cause diabetes or impaired sexual pleasure as much as 50%.

If people do not benefit from this drug, then who has? Pharmaceutical industry, of course, that this is a cleverly devised. Statins are absolutely the best-selling drug in the world, and not sold to people as antibiotics for 7 - or 10-day use, but for everyday use by the end of life. Margarine industry has also benefited from the campaign against cholesterol. People who have a cholesterol level over 5 is advised to eat a certain type of margarine for lowering cholesterol! These products consist of water, low-cost plant (industrial processed) oil and various additives such chemically modified plant sterols. But there is no evidence that anyone has become healthier since the food industry to lower cholesterol.

But what is a "fat in the blood" or "cholesterol"?

Cholesterol is transported in the blood to reach the cells that need it. This transport takes place in a certain "package" that so-called LDL "bad cholesterol" and HDL is the so-called "good cholesterol". The third kind of "package" cholesterol known as triglycerides. The total value of these three packages provide what is called the "total" cholesterol. This value is however very limited and it is difficult to estimate without looking at the individual values of these three "packages".

Here's how you yourself interpret these values:

Triglycerides: low value is good (below 1.7). A high value usually depends on the excessive intake of carbohydrates. Above 1.7 is bad, it is a sign of "metabolic syndrome" and signs of increased risk for heart disease. Most people who eat LCHF have low triglyceride levels. Triglycerides do not come from the fat you eat, but arise in the liver of sugar that is used for energy. The source of this sugar is all the food rich in carbohydrates, especially sugar and white flour.

HDL: high value is good. Low values indicate risk for heart disease. Intake of saturated fat raises HDL, by lowering carbohydrate intake. Below 1.0 (men) and below 1.3 (women) is bad and the parameters of the metabolic syndrome. Most of the eating LCHF have high HDL.

LDL: below the recommended value of 3.0 but this is not so easy to judge since there are LDL particles of different sizes, where small and large particles are not dangerous. Low triglycerides and high HDL values indicate that the majority of large LDL particles and in this case you may have a greater value without having to pose a risk. Conversely, high triglycerides and low HDL suggests that LDL particles are small (and dangerous), so in this case, high LDL bad.

As cholesterol has many very important functions in the body, such as to repair damage caused by wrong eating, so it circulates in the bloodstream. Because elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood really shows that the body there are certain disorders, but these disorders are not caused by excessive intake of fat and cholesterol, but excessive intake of carbohydrates in the diet! Elevated cholesterol is a disease in itself and should not be treated with pills or margarines to lower cholesterol (cholesterol can not be any lower on the outside because the body only produces as much as it "thinks" it should be). Disorder (in which cholesterol points) should be treated by changing diet, and not restricting saturated fat but limiting carbohydrates.
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