Margarine - avoid at all costs!

Margarine consumption and allergy in children, fatty acid and atopic disease in adults, asthma and eczema

Margarine has appeared on the world scene 1869 years, is designed as a cheap substitute for butter for the working class. Margarine, however has nothing to do with butter. Since the arable land of the man he used butter, which is a natural, nutritious and healthy foods. Margarine is something else entirely, a totally unnatural, harmful and inedible product that is in no way should be called food.

Margarine is produced from vegetable oils. High temperatures in the process of pressing oil destroys antioxidants in oils and production of free radicals that can cause severe damage in the cells and increase the risk of cancer. Then the brutal manner of chemically cured oil, hydrogenation or esterification process. These procedures are used hazardous chemicals whose remains have been found in the finished product on the shelves of our stores.

The big problem is that the hydrogenation and esterification cause the fat molecules are changed into forms which do not in natural fats and are completely unknown to our metabolism. In the process of hydrogenation of the oil deals with hydrogen, with the help of nickel as a catalyst. As a result of this process leads to the formation of trans fats which are proven to be very harmful for health. Industrial trans fats increase the risk for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and damage to the fetus. Except in margarine, there are also some types of retail bakery, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and chips.

Esterification means that fat molecules break down and re-connected to the principle of coincidence with the help natriummetylata. It does not produce trans fats but fats that occur are completely different from natural fat and our bodies are unrecognizable. How fat involved in a number of important biochemical processes in the body, so this distortion, caused by various disorders of fat and lead to disease. For example, hardened palm oil (a common ingredient in margarines) may contribute to the creation of thrombosis (clots in the bloodstream).

Such transition to a solid consistency oil rotten and so smelly that this lubricant (since margarine) has steam rinse. With the aid of caustic soda and chemicals for whitening this product bleaches that consumers would not see his ugly gray color. If the same vitamins and minerals remaining after curing oil, this last process of washing and bleaching them completely destroyed. It remains a faceless mass that eventually adds artificial flavor and color of butter.

Remains of the following hazardous chemicals can be found in the finished product margarine:
~  Petrol hexane extraction, to a certain amount of explosive, damages nerve
~  acetone, flammable substances, harmful to the brain and nerve
~  phosphoric acid, strong and dangerous acid
~  caustic soda
~  metal nickel as a catalyst for hydrogenation
~  methanol (created by the esterification natriummetylat)
~  bleaching agents
~  PHA polyaromatic hydrocarbons (one of the strongest carcinogens)

Some of these chemicals are used in the production process, a part is created as a result of chemical reactions in the production process. One part of the chemicals coming even from ships to transport raw materials, because in the same tanks transporting chemicals (eg various chemical solvents) and oil of which is made margarine. More and more scientific studies show a link between consumption of margarine and allergies, eczema, asthma, allergic nasal congestion and ulcerative colitis in children (1-5).

As margarines contain too much omega-6 fats from vegetable oils, thus contributing to the imbalance between our intake of important events for groups of fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. The imbalance between these two fat bass is common due to heavy intake of omega-6 which is located in a large number of industrially processed foods and vegetable oils, while omega-3 found only in blue fish, meat animals that graze on natural chicken and eggs that are free to move and find their own food. This imbalance (excess omega-6) causes inflammation in the body and the cause of many diseases of modern man.

Margarine is a completely contrived product is full of dangerous chemicals brutally manipulated at the molecular level and contains fat by the human body. One colleague of mine recently made the experiment and left a biggish piece of margarine and butter the same piece so much out there in nature. Butter has gone very quickly, because food has become a different insects, ants, insects and many microorganisms that are found in nature. Margarine has remained untouched for months. No living creature is not so stupid to eat this lubricant except man.

Of course, manufacturers of margarine you none of this will not admit it in terms of millions of huge profits. Vegetable oils used for the manufacture of margarine bagatelno are cheap, so these products are really payments. In Sweden, even the teachers' Livsmedelsverket "(civil service for foodstuffs) ektra receive salaries from the margarine industry to promote this inedible grease as a super healthy product. Unfortunately, money rules the world and people, but will slowly and change it. Power is still in the hands of consumers because each individual decides where to invest their money. So buy the butter, margarine, avoid at all costs!


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