Do you have a balloon in your stomach?

Stomach and abdomen are very powerful center in our body, from which we draw strength, stamina and energy. But if this center is restless and out of balance, how can we be healthy and in balance? Customary problem is stressful, painful and bloated stomach. Fortunately this is relatively easy to "fix" on the way to change the diet because it is exactly what we eat affects the balance of intestinal flora in our stomach. For example a diet that is based on a large part carbohydrates in combination with stress and therapy antibiotics contribute to the growth of bad bacteria, which creates an imbalance in the gut. While diet with plenty of raw vegetables, fermented foods and encourage a healthy and balanced gut flora which produces nutrients for our body.

The most common cause of chronic stomach problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gluten, which means that you should avoid all grains: wheat, rye, barley, pir / spelled, and most should be avoided and oats. Typical symptoms of irritable bowel abdominal pain, bloating and chronic constipation or diarrhea. It is believed that as many as 9 out of 10 people who can not tolerate gluten do not know that! The degree of sensitivity and symptoms can be very different from person to person. If you have chronic or frequently recurring problems with your stomach, you can try a diet without grains for several weeks to see how this would affect your problem. Intolerance or sensitivity to gluten may occur anytime in life and can lead to various symptoms such as swollen mucous membranes, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, inflated stomach and irregular bowel movement. Investigations in Sweden have shown a link between gluten intolerance with a host of other diseases, such as a higher risk for liver disease and thyroid disorders.

If you mix flour and water, you will get the glue, and that's not good for the body. Gluten can be directly or indirectly damage the intestinal wall and cause bowel syndrome bandwidth. Bowel syndrome bandwidth means that large molecules of undigested or partially digested food passes through the bowel wall and enter the blood stream where they irritate the immune system to produce inflammation. This creates pain and bloating in the stomach. 80% of the immune defenses of the organism is located in the stomach to defend and protect the body, and we can help your immune system to reject the food what it burdens. Gluten intolerance can lead to retardation of growth the gut epithelium so that it can happen that for example we have only one tenth of the total area of the intestinal epithelium, which greatly reduces the ability to absorb nutrients from food.

The second most common cause of restless stomach dairy products. Not only the lactose (milk sugar) is problematic, but many people react to dairy proteins, especially casein. Milk we buy in stores unfortunately is not a natural product because it is pasteurized and homogenized. Pasteurization means that the milk is heated to high temperatures which leads to denaturing of proteins by changing their natural shape and become difficult to digest. Homogenization means that fat molecules break down under high pressure to prevent the collection of fat (cream) on the surface of milk. Calves get sick if they are given such treated milk, and it is believed that none of us do not fit. It is best to use local milk or great risk if we can buy milk that is homogenized and pasteurized at low temperatures, the so-called "fresh" milk and not "permanently" by ultrapasteurized at temperatures above 100 degrees.

When you throw dairy products, and there are thoughts and cheeses of all kinds, most of the stomach is calming down. Butter does not present a problem because it contains the most part, only milk fat, not protein and milk sugar. Many people are chronically tired and feeling a lack of energy because they are actually allergic to dairy products, although they do not know. A large number of allergy testing can miss us because testing for IgE (rapid response) is not reliable, a test for IgG (delayed) reaction is difficult to detect since they do not know which food caused a delayed reaction. If you reject dairy products for a few weeks we can follow how we feel, so after a while come back that food in the diet and follow the reactions of the body. This makes it possible to discover which foods are good for our body.

Slice of whole wheat bread with cheese is not quite so healthy foods that are promoted and many people do not feel good from these foods. That we should not be surprised because it's not the food which the human species genetically adapted during evolution. Today, science offers all the more solid evidence that the wheat flour and dairy products increases the risk of immunological disease in humans. It should be noted that fermented dairy products a lot easier to digest and especially if they are derived from raw milk.

The best we can do for your stomach, and for good immunity and health in general, is to ensure daily intake of healthy gut bacteria - probiotics, and therefore into its diet of sauerkraut and yogurt or kefir, and if they do not submit it probiotics tablets can be a good alternative. Kefir is particularly good for establishing a healthy balanced intestinal flora, especially domestic kefir you make your own with the help of kefir culture, which can be bought from someone who is home-made kefir home. In case of intolerance to dairy products, you can start with small quantities, eg one teaspoon of kefir a few times a day, then gradually increase the amount.

Another thing that is fantastic for sensitive stomach and irritable bowel is the foundation / broth or soup bones. Our forefathers had a good and healthy habits and regular cooked this soup and we still buy meat without bones and the bones are actually there are some very important substances that can not be found in other foods. Soup bones helps healing the intestinal wall and intestinal permeability of the healing process.

Greater amounts of fiber are good for sensitive stomachs, it is the reverse, fiber from grains, legumes and even from some types of vegetables to act irritable bowel and can cause a wide range of problems. Our digestive system is built so it can dissolve a large quantity of fiber and therefore are called indigestible fiber. The claim that we have the fiber necessary for a good seat is another big myth, and in fact is the rule for those who have a sensitive stomach or colon Irritable: less fiber - less problems.
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Margarine - avoid at all costs!

Margarine consumption and allergy in children, fatty acid and atopic disease in adults, asthma and eczema

Margarine has appeared on the world scene 1869 years, is designed as a cheap substitute for butter for the working class. Margarine, however has nothing to do with butter. Since the arable land of the man he used butter, which is a natural, nutritious and healthy foods. Margarine is something else entirely, a totally unnatural, harmful and inedible product that is in no way should be called food.

Margarine is produced from vegetable oils. High temperatures in the process of pressing oil destroys antioxidants in oils and production of free radicals that can cause severe damage in the cells and increase the risk of cancer. Then the brutal manner of chemically cured oil, hydrogenation or esterification process. These procedures are used hazardous chemicals whose remains have been found in the finished product on the shelves of our stores.

The big problem is that the hydrogenation and esterification cause the fat molecules are changed into forms which do not in natural fats and are completely unknown to our metabolism. In the process of hydrogenation of the oil deals with hydrogen, with the help of nickel as a catalyst. As a result of this process leads to the formation of trans fats which are proven to be very harmful for health. Industrial trans fats increase the risk for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and damage to the fetus. Except in margarine, there are also some types of retail bakery, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and chips.

Esterification means that fat molecules break down and re-connected to the principle of coincidence with the help natriummetylata. It does not produce trans fats but fats that occur are completely different from natural fat and our bodies are unrecognizable. How fat involved in a number of important biochemical processes in the body, so this distortion, caused by various disorders of fat and lead to disease. For example, hardened palm oil (a common ingredient in margarines) may contribute to the creation of thrombosis (clots in the bloodstream).

Such transition to a solid consistency oil rotten and so smelly that this lubricant (since margarine) has steam rinse. With the aid of caustic soda and chemicals for whitening this product bleaches that consumers would not see his ugly gray color. If the same vitamins and minerals remaining after curing oil, this last process of washing and bleaching them completely destroyed. It remains a faceless mass that eventually adds artificial flavor and color of butter.

Remains of the following hazardous chemicals can be found in the finished product margarine:
~  Petrol hexane extraction, to a certain amount of explosive, damages nerve
~  acetone, flammable substances, harmful to the brain and nerve
~  phosphoric acid, strong and dangerous acid
~  caustic soda
~  metal nickel as a catalyst for hydrogenation
~  methanol (created by the esterification natriummetylat)
~  bleaching agents
~  PHA polyaromatic hydrocarbons (one of the strongest carcinogens)

Some of these chemicals are used in the production process, a part is created as a result of chemical reactions in the production process. One part of the chemicals coming even from ships to transport raw materials, because in the same tanks transporting chemicals (eg various chemical solvents) and oil of which is made margarine. More and more scientific studies show a link between consumption of margarine and allergies, eczema, asthma, allergic nasal congestion and ulcerative colitis in children (1-5).

As margarines contain too much omega-6 fats from vegetable oils, thus contributing to the imbalance between our intake of important events for groups of fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. The imbalance between these two fat bass is common due to heavy intake of omega-6 which is located in a large number of industrially processed foods and vegetable oils, while omega-3 found only in blue fish, meat animals that graze on natural chicken and eggs that are free to move and find their own food. This imbalance (excess omega-6) causes inflammation in the body and the cause of many diseases of modern man.

Margarine is a completely contrived product is full of dangerous chemicals brutally manipulated at the molecular level and contains fat by the human body. One colleague of mine recently made the experiment and left a biggish piece of margarine and butter the same piece so much out there in nature. Butter has gone very quickly, because food has become a different insects, ants, insects and many microorganisms that are found in nature. Margarine has remained untouched for months. No living creature is not so stupid to eat this lubricant except man.

Of course, manufacturers of margarine you none of this will not admit it in terms of millions of huge profits. Vegetable oils used for the manufacture of margarine bagatelno are cheap, so these products are really payments. In Sweden, even the teachers' Livsmedelsverket "(civil service for foodstuffs) ektra receive salaries from the margarine industry to promote this inedible grease as a super healthy product. Unfortunately, money rules the world and people, but will slowly and change it. Power is still in the hands of consumers because each individual decides where to invest their money. So buy the butter, margarine, avoid at all costs!


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Green for Life

In his quest for assiduously health began to collect data on every existing type of food that people eat. After numerous false attempts I finally found the right answer. I found one particular group of foods that meet ALL human nutritional needs - greens 
Exclusive to the magazine "The Light" - Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life

My husband, our two youngest children and I from January 1994. We ate only raw food, more than eleven years. In this radical diet we went from total despair, after the doctors told us that there is no chance to recover from our horrible disease. Permanently we stopped off the oven and cook and we were able to cure all our incurable, life-threatening diseases.
However, after several years of eating raw food, we all started to feel like we reached a level where our healing process began, and even went a bit backwards.
In my heart each day grew a burning issue.
"I miss something in our diet?" Immediately came the reply: "I do not. Nothing could be better than raw food. "
However, no matter how small, have begun to emerge unwanted signs of imperfect health, such as warts on the hand or gray hair, who brought doubts and questions about the integrity of eating raw food in its then form.
In his quest assiduously I began to collect data on every existing type of food that people eat. After numerous false attempts I finally found the right answer. I found one particular group of foods that meet ALL human nutritional needs - greens.

  Dietary habits of chimpanzees

The fact is that my family has not eaten enough greens. Moreover, we do not even like it. We knew it was important to greens, but never and nowhere have not heard exactly how many greens need in our diet. We heard only a vague hint that we may eat as much as possible. How would I find out how much greens we eat, I decided to study the feeding habits of chimpanzees, since they are one of the closest relatives of human beings.
"It is estimated that modern humans and chimps share 99.4% DNA sequence, which is why both types are more closely related to each other than with any other animal species."
Despite all the scientific research of human health is constantly weakening. Many nutritionists associated health problems of people with a lack of nutrients.
Understanding the dietary habits of chimpanzees could help us better understand human nutritional needs.
Two main groups of foods for chimpanzees as fruits and greens. Please do not confuse the greens with root vegetables such as carrots, beets or potatoes. Also, do not confuse it with the greens not sweet fruits such as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers.
According to Jane Goodall, world-renowned chimpanzee researcher, the proportion of time that chimpanzees spend eating green plants in relation to the rest of their diet varies from 25 to 50%, depending on the season.
Two to seven percent of their diet consists of pith and bark. (Under the pith and stem mean fiber and other parts of plants.) At the time of flowering trees in March and April, the flowers make up 10% of the diet of chimpanzees.
Chimps do not eat lots of nuts, but their diet can be found up to 5% of seeds. In addition, especially in November, they eat small amounts of insects and even small animals, but Goodall says that this part of their diet is irregular and insignificant, because for months I can not eat any animals and it seems to them leaves no harmful consequences.
Comparing the standard American diet with the diet of chimpanzees. As you can see, they are completely different. These two diet have virtually nothing in common! We humans generally eat things that chimps do not eat, such as cooked foods rich in starch, oil, butter, yogurt, cheese, hamburgers, etc. While most of our vegetables makes root vegetables, wild chimpanzees almost never eat root vegetables, except drought when their fruits and greens are not available. It is the most dramatic greens intake decreased in the human diet. Our consumption of greens generally fell into two shriveled leaf lettuce in our sandwiches.
Comparing the standard American diet with an average raw diet. I think that raw food shows vast improvement on their usual diet. Firstly, the raw diet all the ingredients are uncooked and are full of enzymes and vitamins, because the raw food revolution as compared to the standard American diet. This explains why so many people reported that they began to feel better once they move to the raw diet.
People on raw food they eat plenty of fruits, especially if we bear in mind that the peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes are also fruits. However, although people on the raw diet typically eat a lot more greens than people on ordinary diet, greens almost never makes 45 percent of their food. [As in the typical diet of chimpanzees.]
What then people eat the raw diet instead of greens that they lack? The answer is: most people on the raw food consumes large quantities of fruits, nuts and seeds. Often use nuts as a replacement for carbohydrates, especially when trying to imitate cooked meals using raw ingredients, although the nuts consist of 70 to 80% oil.
Also, people on the raw diet increased their consumption of oil and avocado salad, because, their main dish, usually eaten mixed with dressing, sauce or guacamoleom. Another great odds in a typical raw food waste to root vegetables, mainly due to the preparation of juices. Also, root vegetables sweeter the taste of greens, and therefore constitutes a large portion of raw salad.
Taking into account all these factors, when compared with the typical raw food diet of chimpanzees, we can clearly see that there are two main ways to improve our individual patterns of feeding: to increase our intake of greens, and to reduce our intake of nuts, seeds and oils.
Another striking characteristic aspect of the chimpanzee diet is to never eat late afternoon or evening.

  Discovery of green pulpy juice

The more I read about the nutritional composition of greens, I was convinced the greens most important food for humans. If I only managed to find a way to enjoy it enough to consume an optimal amount needed to achieve perfect health!
Countless times I tried to force him to eat large amounts of greens in a salad or himself, only to discover that I am not physically able to do so. After about two cups of chopped greens would get heartburn or nausea.
Greens contain more valuable nutrients than any other group of foods, but all of these nutrients are stored inside the plant cell. These cells are composed of resistant material, which probably facilitate the survival of plants, making them difficult for edible animals. In order to liberate all the nutrients from the cells, it is necessary to tear up the cell wall.
That's why I decided to try to "chew" their greens in the Vitamix blender. First I mixed bunch kale leaves with water. I thought: "I'll just nod, squeeze your nose and drink it." But as soon as I lifted the cover, I quickly closed it again because I felt sick from the strong smell of the young leaves of wheat. Dark green, almost black mixture was completely inedible. After a brief speculation, I added a couple of bananas and again mixed. Then he began to spell!
Slowly, and somewhat dread, I opened the lid and sniffed, and to my great surprise, the light green mixture smelled very pleasant. Carefully I tried a sip and be delighted! It was more than delicious! Neither too sweet nor bitter, it was extraordinary taste I've ever tried, I could describe it in one word - freshness.
When I started to drink green pulpy juices did not mention it to anyone and I did not expect that it will be something important happen. Since I have not had any major health problems, I am trying to achieve any dramatic changes. I just wanted so visibly growing old.
However, after about a month drinking green juices, two moles and warts that I had fallen since early childhood with my body. I felt that I had more energy than ever before, and I began to share his experience with his family and friends.
Next thing I noticed was that she disappeared strong demand for heavy foods like nuts or crackers that I had sometimes felt, especially in the evening.
I noticed that many wrinkles on my face disappeared, and I started getting compliments from people about how to look fresh. Nails are stronger I become, my vision is sharpened, I had a wonderful taste in your mouth, even in the morning immediately after waking up (which I had the pleasure of childhood).
My dream finally came true! I consumed copious amounts of greens every day. I started to feel lighter and my energy increased. Tastes to me began to change. I discovered that my body was so hungry that the greens a few weeks I lived almost exclusively on green smoothies are nothing short.
Only fruits and vegetables, it became much more attractive, and strong demand for fatty foods is dramatically reduced. When I started to drink green pulpy juice I immediately noticed that desire this kind of disappeared.
I bought another Vitamix mixer for office. Every time my friends or customers come to my office, we would see a big green cup next to my computer, and I'd like them to give them the taste of my new discovery. To my great pleasure, everyone liked it, despite their different dietary habits. Inspired by the warm reception, I wrote the article "Ode to green smoothies are nothing short" and e-mail he sent to everyone in my address book online. Almost immediately I began to receive very positive feedback and many detailed testimonials from my friends, students and customers.
Although I felt an obligation to spend additional research, it seemed that the multiple benefits of green pulpy juices were obvious to everyone who tried them, and many people who drank green pulpy juice have become "green wave" that spread rapidly from day to day.

  About the author:

Victoria Boutenko gives lectures about raw food at South Oregon University, and as a result of its learning around the world have created numerous communities of people who eat raw food. Victoria and her family live on 100% raw diet since 1994., and all four healed of incurable diseases. Crossing the Victoria family to raw food is described in her book, Raw Family. Victoria is also the author of 12 Steps to Raw Foods and its best-selling book Green for Life . Her two children, wrote a book with excellent recipes from raw food called Eating without Heating.
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